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Palau is not limited to just its glorious blue waters. The destination also offers a myriad of activities. While snorkeling is also one of Palau’s main water activities, other marine amusements include kayaking, fishing, jet-ski, sports fishing, dolphin encounters and snorkeling with millions of jellyfish at Jellyfish Lake.

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Where to stay in Palau? 

Palau offers the visitors a wide variety of hotel accommodations, from full-service luxury resorts and moderately priced bungalows to economical motels and bungalows modeled on traditional architectural styles. While many of Palau's guests prefer to stay in the town of Koror, where most resorts and motels are located, some prefer the more private and secluded bungalows of the northern and southern islands. Whether price, comfort, or lifestyle are your considerations, Palau's natural beauty ensures a pleasant experience and memorable stay.

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How to Get Around in Rota?

Visitors can freely move around the islands by riding a taxi or driving a rental car. U. S. driver’s license can be used; foreign visitors can use their home country licenses for up to 1 month. Shuttle buses are available from most hotels. Taxis are available, and many hotels offer airport pick-up and drop-off.

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From boutique hotels to luxury resorts with spas and waterparks, a wide range of accomodations are available in the Northern Marianas to fit your need and budget during your stay. 

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Truly Relaxing Tropical Getaway…A chain of 14 islands, the Marianas – Saipan, Tinian, and Rota awaits you.

We invite you to experience our year-round summer climate and “small town” atmosphere. Join us on all three islands where you will find an unspoiled natural environment, warm local hospitality, complete with the sophisticated amenities of a tourist resort. No matter your interest or preferred past time, you are sure to enjoy your visit on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

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Yap, known as the Land of Stone Money, is a wonderful mix of past, present and future, where an ancient culture exist side-by-side with the 21st century. In Yap, we like to say ‘there are no tourists, only new visiting friends’, so come and visit Yap as a new friend.

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